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Kalaipoongo Kalaimughilan
"Founder & Technology Partner"

B.Sc., MCA.,
Data Analytics for Business (IIT Madras).
Data Science Program (IIM-Calcutta).

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Results-oriented technology leader with 25+ years of experience with *Gartner, Symantec, Microsoft, ADP and Nexus* in Web application, Mobile Application, Dev Ops, AI, ML and data analytics solutions, prioritize innovation and customer satisfaction for driving business growth. 
Solution-driven and customer-centric executive with a proven track record of driving strategic growth and operational excellence. Leveraging extensive leadership and industry expertise to optimize performance, foster innovation, and maximize shareholder value. Committed to fostering a collaborative environment, delivering high-quality solutions, and staying ahead in a competitive landscape. Proficient in implementing efficient monitoring systems and leading agile response teams for effective problem resolution. Passionate about driving continuous improvement and exceeding customer expectations in a dynamic business environment.

Dr.Arunprasad P

B.E., M.Tech., PhD (IIT Madras).

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With the advancement of technology and innovation, especially the business functions of today are cruising on “TEHN0-MANAGEMENT” with an aim towards “BEING-AGILE” in all aspects of strategizing, operating and implementing business solution is extremely critical for their sustained success.
Moreover, its indispensable for every business to move away from conventional business solutions and adapt to the current Fourth Industrial Revolution (IR 4.0) based business integration in catering and gradually build resources to latch on to the emerging Fifth Industrial Revolution (IR 5.0). Our functional and domain expertise at Bulls Eye-Neural Zeal can prepare and support the required technological avenue to build on your existing and legacy platform/technology closely aligned with functional policies towards an effective and efficient ROI.